Naltar-Pakora Pass – Asumbar Pass – Yasin Valley SEE YOU IN PAKISTAN

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  • Taxila - Таксила

    Taxila – Buddha Complex

    1 Day
    Taxila Museum and several nearby sights: Sirkap, Julian Monastery, Darmarajika Stupa, Bhirmound.
  • Islamabad Tour - See You In Pakistan

    Islamabad – Rawalpindi

    1 Day
    Calm, quiet, peaceful, green: these adjectives describe the essential makeup of Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. The moderately populated city, situated […]

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  • Lahore - Лахоре

    Katas Raj – Lahore

    2 Days, 1 Night
    This tour will give you opportunity to see thousand of years history from ancient Hindu_buddha complex Katas Raj in Kallar […]
  • фото-тур, Хунза

    10 Days
    If you are truly interested in creating street or landscape art photography in a land that offers iconic opportunities to […]

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