About Us


See You In Pakistan provides a wide range of integrated travel and tourism services both in the Pakistan and abroad. Our expertise, talent, hospitality, flexibility, and proficient are united in harmony to match your desires and fit all your travel and enjoyment needs. Our services are for individuals and groups, and for all budgets.

  • Cultural, City and Bike Tours
  • Trekking, Climbing Expedition
  • Tickets & Hotel Bookings
  • Transport Rental (Cars, Bikes, Jeeps, Coasters)
  • Visa Support
  • Guiding Service (Licensed guides for mountains treks and for tour packegs)
  • Arranging Trekking Permits from Toursim Dept.
  • Outbound Tourism Services For Belarus, Russia & Ukraine

Our Story

“See you in Pakistan”, we used this phrase at the end of our conversations with friends and acquaintances from all over the world as a replacement to goodbye. We’ve gotten so much used it that when the time came to choose the name of our company, the only phrase that immediately came into our mind was “See you in Pakistan”. It is a symbolic and indeed relates to the reality that anyone who visited this country at least once, dreams to visit over and over again. The best thing about Pakistan is the most hospitable and friendly people here.

Inna, a citizen of Belarus, was born in Siberia and is always looking for an adventure, disappearing in mountains and snow, leaving at “the house of wind”, guiding people in the whole Pakistan and showing the country through her eyes.

Meet The Team

See You In Pakistan - Увидимся в Пакистане

Ina Mamchanka

Co-Founder & Director
Dimitri Bushik

Dimitri Bushik